Thursday, December 27, 2012


dadal  or sulabai in Maguindanaon
dadal in Maranao

daral (da-rál; Ta’u-sug, Joloanon, Suluanon and Iranun snack) [n.] coconut sweetmeat crêpe \rolled rice crêpe filled with hinti (coconut sweetmeat); The rice grains are ground into flour then mixed with little amount of water to become rice batter.

A ladle of unsweetened ground rice batter is poured in a heated pan brushed with thin layer of oil. The batter is allowed to spread itself till it becomes a thick crêpe when cooked. The produced crêpe looks similar to the fresh lumpia wrapper (spring roll crêpe)


When the bottom side is cooked, it is topped with a spoonful of hinti (grated coconut sweetmeat similar to Tagalog bukayo). The opposite edges of daral are folded and then rolled to form like a rolled hot face towel with the blister-like holes on the outer side. It is served as snack.

Daral is originally made with ground rice, but sometimes mixed or replaced with flour making it to look like closer to pancake

 A daral in a food stall in Pagadian City public market, made with pure ground rice (rice flour)

Daral on display on a roadside food stall in Maharlika Village in Taguig City, made with ground rice mixed with all-purpose flour  

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