September 28, 2014

chicharon buchi

A serving of chicharon buchi with a dipping of sukang Iloko from a participating food stall during the launching of Mercato Centrale's Mezza Norte in Trinoma, Quezon City last May 3, 2013.
chicharon buchi – (tsi-tsa-rón but-tsé; Tagalog delicacy; dw Span. buche [crop])  [n.] crisp fried chicken crop.

also spelled as tsitsaron butse in Tagalog 
a.k.a. butse, butse chicharon, butseron or buchiron in Tagalog

Buchi is the Tagalog word for the chicken crop or craw of fowls and other birds. It is the small pouch-like gullet of fowls and birds, a part of the esophagus where freshly swallowed food are temporarily stored for later digestion in the gizzard or for regurgitation as when feeding the nestlings.

It is also in the butse that swallowed food is lightly fermented or softened by gland secretions before it passes through the gizzard for grinding. 

Pinoys would collect butse, clean it thoroughly then deep fry to become chicharon also known in Tagalog by the same name, butse or chicharon buchi.

Because you can harvest only one butse for each chicken, you need to kill several dozens of chicken to get a small heap of this another Pinoy favorite pulutan. The mass production of fast growing chickens now provides ample supply of chicken crops as another by-product to chicken meat. Pinoys transformed this what used to be a waste and dirty offal into a tasty and sought street food in the country.

Chicharon buchi  is also called butse, butseron or buchiron in Tagalog. Butseron is the short name for butse chicharon, (likewise, buchiron is from buchi chicharon) with the chicken crop usually split open or cut lengthwise into halves and fried till crisp.  

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