November 25, 2018

gatang albacora

gatang albacora - (ga-táng al-ba-có-ra; Tagalog and Caviteño dish; dw Tag. gata [coconut milk] + albacora [albacore]) [n.] albacore tuna in coconut milk.
ginataang albakora in Tagalog
In one of my visits in the public market of Cavite City, I found this small carenderia behind the market. Delving over its array of turo-turo dishes, I was attracted to this gatang albacora being that I'm a big fan of dishes with coconut milk. This one is a bit picante (spicy hot).

I delved into it and learned from the cook that she cooked first the fish ala pinaksiw in pure vinegar with bawang (garlic), luya (ginger), sili (chili), and asin (salt). After few minutes of boiling, kakang gata (coconut cream) is added, followed with cutlets of siling haba (green finger chili). Pinaksiw way of cooking removes the fishy odor of albacora and enhanced the taste of the fish. 

Adding kakang gata or that thick pure coconut milk adds a creamy and nutty flavor that you cannot resist sipping the sauce. 

Each fish is also wrapped in dahon ng saging (banana leaf) to keep them from sticking to the pot and to each other. Plus it adds the aromatic flavor of the leaf. 

This one reminds me of my version of Visayan linabog dish, the linabog nga tilapia. Both ways of cooking are almost similar only if the albacora here was fried first before adding the kakang gata.

Pass the rice, please.

albacora (al-ba-ko-ra; Tagalog and Caviteño sea fish /seafood) (also spelled as albakora in Tagalog) [n.] albacore ( Thunnus alalunga) is a species of tuna with unusually long pectoral fins which include some species of yellow fin tuna in temperate and tropical waters across the globe, particularly in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans, and in the seas around them. Known also as “longfined tuna” in Hawaii, and “longfin tuna” in Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

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