June 17, 2018

miracle fruit

A tree of miracle fruit I found on the roadside of Brgy. Mambago, Sta. Rosa, Babak, Island Garden City of  Samal (IGACOS) in Samal island, Davao del sur.

miracle fruit - (Mindanao fruit) [n.] calabash (sc.name: Crescentia cujete).

Miracle fruit, or calabash, is a tree that bears huge fruits that looks like coconut. It is growing abundantly anywhere in Mindanao, and some parts of Bicol region and in the Visayas. Few are also growing in Luzon up to the northern part of Ilocos and Cagayan region.

At first glance, you could have mistaken this as a young coconut fruit growing on a small tree.

Sad to see that most of the fruits were left to fall and rot on the ground. Our folks do not know what to do to make good use of this wonderful fruit. They dreaded the black color of its flesh and gummy smell. But what they do not realize is that this black juice is sweet and has healing wonders, the reason why our old folks called it miracle fruit.

I tried one and yes, it's wonderful.

The  outer shell is very hard that you that have to saw it. You cannot just cut the calabash fruit cut it into halves with a knife.

Many who have tried this drink claimed they experienced rejuvenating vigor and increased mental alertness, good when you are going to study, review, or take an exam.   
It helps you go to sleep easily, relieve stress, and feel well rested as you wake up. It makes your skin glow healthy making you feel younger again.

It also helps ease menstrual pain of women. Good for those who are recuperating from sickness and a treat after a weary activity. 

The flesh is white, moist, and soft.
I experimented to make my first fruit wine at home in Metro Manila using calabash fruit. I hand-carried one fresh green fruit of calabash in my flight directly from Misamis Oriental  to Metro Manila. I processed the fruit into a juice then made it into a miracle fruit wine. After three months of fermentation, I had the wine and enjoyed it.

I even thought if this fruit once grew in the fountain of youth. It feels me younger when I tried it. Next time, I will no longer bring a calabash fruit. I will bring the tree.

When boiled, the flesh of calabash turns black.
Here's a calabash fruit I found in Cagayan de oro City, Misamis Oriental in Mindanao. I brought it home in Metro Manila.  Cooked it into tea and later processed into wine.

https://pinoyfoodcooking.blogspot.com/2018/07/miracle-fruit-wine.htmlHow to make miracle fruit wine.

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