July 30, 2011

bibingka royal

bibingka royal – (bi-bíng-ka ro-yál; Ilocano snack) [n.] wide and flat glutinous rice cake. 

It is often topped with a brush of melted butter (or margarine), some grated cheese, and sprinkle of white sugar. When served, it is sliced like pizza. Sometime, it is served with the optional grated coconut meat that is spread as toppings immediately before eating. 

Bibingka royal is made with at least 3 whole eggs, a cup of refined sugar, 1-1/4 cups of coconut cream, 2 cups of glutinous rice flour or galapong (ground glutinous rice batter), 4 teaspoons of baking powder to help raise the rice batter.

Procedure start by combining sugar and half of the coconut cream in a mixing bowl, stirred well till all the sugar are dissolved. In another mixing bowl, the rice flour and baking powder are mixed well then sifted in a strainer. White sugar is then added into the sifted rice flour mix and mixed well then poured slowly into the previously prepared glutinous rice flour and coconut cream mixture. The remaining half of coconut cream is added slowly while continuously beating the mixture. In another mixing bowl, eggs are beaten well until light and thick. Melted margarine is added, mixed well, then pour in the previously prepared rice flour mix.

Then sheets of banana leaves are laid as linings on 2 large round flat pans (if banana leaves is unavailable, tin foil or baking wax paper can be a good substitute). The mixed ingredients are poured into the pans, spreading thinly and evenly.

Then it is baked in preheated oven. When cooked, and while still hot, it is brushed with butter  (if butter is unavailable, margarine is a good substitute), then sprinkled with white sugar and grated cheese as toppings. The bibingka royal is sliced like pizza and served with the optional siding of shredded coconut meat that is to be spread on top immediately before eating.

Bibingka royal from the food stall in Tuguegarao City's Mall of Valley 

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