December 5, 2018


sara-sara - (sará-sára; Cebuano [Kidapawan City, Cotabato0] and Ilonggo beverage; dw Ilonggo sara [strain]) [n.] roasted corn coffee.

Not exactly a coffee, but a cheaper substitute to real ground coffee, or let me say it's the "poor man's coffee." It is served and taken like coffee. 

Sara-sara only tastes like coffee  but does not smell like coffee, sans the caffeine sought by coffee lovers.

It has to be brewed in pots on the stove if you do not have an electric-operated coffee maker. If you do have, you need to clean it right away before the paste of sara-sara would stick stubbornly in there. 

The powdered roasted corn, when mixed in hot water would become like a gruel or paste because it's heavily consists of starch.

Sara-sara does not smell like coffee, but a burnt corn.

The hot beverage may taste like coffee but not exactly that of coffee and sans the caffeine sought by coffee lovers. 

I found this sara-sara sold in the public market of Kidapawan City, Cotabato last April 25, 2018.

The word sara-sara is of Ilonggo origin, used to name a ground roasted rice, not corn, usually mixed with cacao (tablea) and other hot beverages, including coffee and soya bean powder as extender. 

Sara-sara is from the base word sára, Ilonggo for straining or filtering liquid from debris or residue. It is necessary to strain the brew from the pot when you pour it into the cup or glass.

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