May 19, 2014

snake wine

The authentic "Cobra Energy Drink." Unlike the commercially bottled cobra energy drink, this snake wine will not cause you to worry of becoming diabetic being this potent drink is sugarless. Here, you will get the real cobra inside the container, not just a drawing on the bottle.
snake wine - (es-nek wayn; Cebuano and Tagalog wine) [n.] a wine soaked with snake.

A freshly killed snake, complete with its skin, scales, flesh, bones, and internal organs, is steeped in wine, usually gin, until the juice from the body of the snake partly become the flavor of the wine.

Snake wine is taken as a potent drink and believed to have some medicinal benefits, adds vitality, energy, and boasts one’s sexual appetite or as an aphrodisiac.

A snake wine of Philippine king cobra called banakon in Cebuano or ulupong in Tagalog, and the slender Cebuano snake called iliw. Both snakes are known to be extremely venomous

The kind of snake often used in making this wine is highly poisonous like the Philippine king cobra (Naja philippinensis) called banakon in Cebuano or ulupong in Tagalog, and the Cebuano iliw

Other than the hinebra (gin), the vodka, lambanog (Philippine coconut vodka), anisado (anise wine), and rice wine can also be used as base wine for this potent alcoholic wine.
I spotted this street vendor peddling a bottle of snake wine on the sidewalk of Ormoc City.  He uses local gin labeled as Mallorca as base wine for this potent alcoholic drink. 
To convince that it is safe to drink this wine, he takes a shot of it.
The wine later on warms his body and this man said it would keep him active the whole day

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