Saturday, February 23, 2013

rellenong ampalaya

(relyenong apalya or relyenong apalia in Capampangan)

rellenong ampalaya (rel-ye-nong am-pa-la-yá; Tagalog dish) [n.] stuffed bitter gourd; The ampalaya (bitter gourd) is cut at one end or into halves and the seeds and pulp are removed then stuffed with mixture of ground meat (pork, beef or chicken), sautéed in minced spices and grated carrots, and with the optional slices of hard boiled chicken egg, then coated with batter of mixed flour and beaten chicken egg, then fried till golden brown.

To serve, the rellenong ampalaya is sliced into thick pieces and doused with sweet chili sauce or tamis-anghang (sweet and spicy hot) banana catsup


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