Thursday, January 20, 2011

daing na bangus

daing na bangus (da-ing na ba-ngús; Tagalog preserved) [n.] marinated butterflied milkfish. 

The milkfish is butterflied and its viscera and gills are completely removed. The butterflied fish is then washed clean in water, drained and steeped in marinating sauce made with vinegar and soy sauce with minced garlic (for added flavor, laurel leaf, peppercorn and/or small amount of brown sugar maybe added). 

For best result, allow the marinating sauce to steep in the fish for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator. 

For even distribution of the marinating sauce into the fish, pack and seal the marinated fish in thick plastic cellophane wrapper. 

Daing na bangus can also be made dry by spreading open the marinated butterflied fish (with the skin side underneath) on a wire mesh, bilao (bamboo tray), or bamboo stick matting, and air dry it under the heat of direct sunlight.
Dried daing na bangus sold along the roadside stalls and street peddlers in Damortis, Santo Tomas, Pangasinan
To cook, daing na bangus is simply fried in any cooking oil till crisp brown. It is served with a side dip of vinegar with crushed garlic, or soy sauce with squeezed calamansi juice (Philippine round lime extract), and the optional whole piece of siling labuyo (bird’s eye chili). Sometimes, it is paired with the siding of ensaladang papaya.

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