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takway in Negrense, Capizeño, & Tagalog
pusaw in Maranao

I found this heap of takway being sold along the sidewalk of Silay City public market in one of my travels in the province of Negros Occidental.
daludal – (da-lú-dal; Ilocano vegetable) [n.] taro stem; The stalk of young taro shoot, referred to as the Philippine native asparagus

A vendor cleaning some takways she is selling at Silay City public market during one of my travels in the province of Negros Occidental.

It is the newly sprouting stalk of gabi (taro) that is slender and its fresh young leaf still unrolled. Daludal is harvested and cooked into a variety of vegetable dishes, much like that of Ilocano aba.

Bundles of daludal in Santiago City Isabela public market

In Negros and Panay islands where it is called takway, it is often boiled then seasoned with suka (vinegar) and asin (salt) or included in making Ilonggo laswa (boiled assorted vegetables). 

The stalks can also be cooked with coconut milk to become ginataan or made into adobo by simmering the cutlets in vinegar and soy sauce with or without sagpaw or sahog.

The peeled takway. Just wash them clean and they are ready for cooking

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