Wednesday, June 19, 2013


beno in Tagalog [Laguna Lake]
A harvest of not-so-matured sawa pods being sold in the public market of Super in Cotabato City during one of my brief stay in the city in November 2010 
sawa (sá-wà; Maguindanaon fruit /nut) [n.] lotus seed \lotus pod seed. An indigenous fruit having seeds with nutty kernels and is eaten raw as snack. Lotus plants are very much abundant in Tamontaka river, Rio Grande Mindanao river, Matampay river, and the vast swampy areas of Liguasan marsh and Libungan marsh of Maguindanao and Cotabato regions in the southswestern part of mainland Mindanao. 

The young pod of the fruit has a thick casing resembling like a halved cacao fruit or a cornocupia of protruding yellowgreen seeds. Or figure it out as a shower head.
Two Maguindanaon women in Cotabato City picking bunch of not-so-matured sawa pods for their kids

The ovaloid young lotus seeds need to be pulled out, its shell cracked open like peanut and its nutty, tender white kernel is taken out and eaten raw

The Maguindanaons would often give this to their kids and toddlers as nourishment

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