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chopsuey – (tsàp-soy; Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo dish; dw Chin. tsa-sui [various pieces]) [n.] stir-fried vegetable \stir-fried vegetables with seafood and meat.
A serving of chopsuey at the Dwino's Grill in OzamisCity, Misamis Occidental during one of my travels in the southern part of mainland Mindanao in February 2011
An assortment of cut vegetables is stir-fried and mixed with seafood (shrimps, squid, fish fillet, etc.) and sliced meat (pork or chicken).

The kind of vegetables conventionally used in making this dish are wide cuts of repolyo (cabbage), widely sliced carrots, sayote (mirliton pear), cauliflower, sliced bell pepper, and sometimes with sliced tomatoes and green pods of beans, such as sitsaro (snow peas), sitaw (string beans), or Baguio beans.

A serving tray of chopsuey one summer day of May 2012 while at the beach resort of AcuaVerde in Laiya Aplaya, SanJuan, Batangas.
Its thick white sauce is made with water (or broth) stirred with some gawgaw (tapioca powder) and seasoned with patis (fish sauce) or oyster sauce.

This chopsuey seafood is of Sam's Fastfood & Bakeshop during my trip in May 2011 to Pagadian City of Zamboanga del  Sur also in the southern part of mainland Mindanao

Ocassionally, when available, chopsuey has young corncob, broccoli, mushroom, and coriander.

A Chinese-influenced dish that is now commonly found in Pinoy eateries and gatherings

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