Saturday, June 22, 2013


CD-CD (si-di si-dì; Waray [eastern Leyte] biscuit) [n.] cracker biscuit shaped like a CD or DVD disc. 
This was when Compact Disc (CD) was still the popular file storage media. I found this CD-CD cracker from a stall in the Commercial Center of Tacloban City's downtown last summer of 2010.

At the end of baking, each piece is sprinkled with grains of brown or coarse white sugar that melted slightly and stuck on the surface of the CD-CD biscuit.
Packs of CD-CD biscuits on display for sale in the Commercial Center, downtown of Tacloban City last summer 2010. 
It can be eaten as is or paired with a cup of hot coffee, or a bottle of cold softdrink (soda)

Before, when CD was not yet invented, this cracker was just a small-sized disc and used to be called galyeta by the Warays of eastern Leyte. Yeah, it was the size of mini-disc. And yeah, it already had its donut hole then. The bakers eventually enlarged the size to match and make it to look like the real CD in the 90's till now.

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