Saturday, December 22, 2012

evergreen mango

a.k.a. mangga Tangub in northern Mindanao

My wife savoring a very luscious evergreen mango from Tangub City, Misamis Occidental

evergreen mango - (e-ber-gren mang-go; Misamisnon [Tangub City, Misamis occidental] fruit) [n.] a variety of mango fruit that is forever green even when already ripe, though shades and spots of yellow would appear when the fruit is very ripe or overripe. 

A slice of lusciously sweet mangga Tangub. When yellow patches appear big allover the skin would mean that the mango fruit is already overripe 

The trees of the evergreen mango variety can be found growing well and bear lusciously sweet fruits in the farmlands of Tangub City in the province of Misamis occidental (northern Mindanao). There were attempts to grow it in other provinces in Mindanao but the trees did not grow well nor produce good fruits

A basket of very ripe evergreen mango in the public market of Tangub City. Those that are already yellow allover are actually overripe
Evergreen mango on our hanging fruit tray

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