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a.k.a. abalin in Ilocano [Cagayano]

abaling (a-bá-ling; Ilocano (Cagayano) and Ibanag larva) [n.] the larva of salagubang (June beetle)

It is considered an exotic delicacy that the Cagayanos and the Ibanags would cook this beetle worm into dried adobo (braised in vinegar, soy sauce and spices), ginisa (stir-fried in little oil with garlic), deep-fried, or roasted and served as pulutan (food served on drinking session).

Like its parent, the salagubang (June beetle), abaling is considered also as an aphrodisiac and body warmer

sample dish that uses abaling
ginisang abaling (gi-ni-sáng a-bá-ling; Ilocano (Cagayano) dish) stir-fried June bug larvae
The larvae are washed clean then sautéed in garlic in a deep pan till lightly seared, then added with little amount of salt to taste and squeezed juice of calamansi (Philippine round green lime). It is stirred continuously till all the juice dries up and little amount of cooking oil is poured and the dish is kept on stirring till light brown and crisp. 
Do not overcook (avoid burning or too much scorching of the abaling).

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