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walkman – (wok'-man; Tagalog barbecue /exotic delicacy) [n.] pig's ear barbecue. 

a.k.a. taenga ng baboy BBQ or tenga ng baboy BBQ in Tagalog

The pig's ear is shaven well and the outer skin scrapped off (a process often done while the slaughtered pig is still at the abattoir). The cleaned ears are then sliced into bite-size and soaked in marinade for at least 1 hour or allowed to stand overnight in the refrigerator. The marinade could be a simple solution of vinegar, soy sauce, pounded peppercorn and cloves of garlic. The flavor could be enhanced by adding some muscovado or brown sugar, calamansi (Philippine round lime) extract and laurel leaf. The marinaded ears are then skewered in sharp-pointed bamboo stick, then grilled over red-hot charcoal embers, occasionally turned over and basted with basting sauce, oil, or with the remaining marinade, until the barbecue are seared.

This pig's ear BBQ got its colloquial name “walkman” after the skewered marinated sliced ear was alluded to the handy cassette tape player of the same name paired with a set of earphones that was manufactured and popularized by Sony Corp. It was when Sony’s walkman became a fad that this BBQ was introduced in the streets of Metro Manila.

tenga BBQ of Victoria's Grille available at the Mercato Centrale on weekends from morning to past noon at the Bonifacio High Street parking area in Bonifacio Global City (The Fort), Taguig City.

Tip: To help soften the meat of the BBQ, add the marinade with few drops of extracted juice from pounded ginger roots or the extracted whitish resin that comes out from the skin of pricked fresh green papaya fruit. These extracts can also be used in stewing or braising hard-to-cook meats.

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