Friday, February 18, 2011


Also spelled as ensaimada in almost all Pinoy dialects

ensaymada – (en-say-má-da; Spanish origin; dw Span. ensaimada <>ensaimades) [n.] spiral soft cheese bun.

Originally in Majorca, Spain, this was made with flour, water, sugar, eggs, flour dough and pork lard called saim thus it is called ensaimada

But the Pinoy version is made with butter instead of pork lard, and several variants of ensyamada are now being baked and sold here in the Philippines that includes: ham ensaymada, ube ensaymada, mongo ensaymada, ensaymada Malolos, and the all-time-favorite cheese ensaymada

It is still a soft dough bread that is spiral in shape that wound towards the center, often glazed with melted butter or margarine and lightly sprinkled with (or rolled in) refined white sugar and topped with grated cheese. 

Enhanced variations have strips of ham, macapuno strings or ube (purple yam) jam. The Bulakeños started making before World War II their large version of ensaymadas topped with lots of grated cheese and thin slices of salted egg.

Some Batangueños migrated and brought their baking expertise to Mindoro. These ensaymadas in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro came from a Batangueño bakery in town. 
Almost all bakeries in Metro Manila are selling ensaymadas. Thsese ones are from a bakery in Apitong, Brgy. Cembo, Makati City.

These are the ensaimadas of Red Ribbon bakeshop in Metro Manila.


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