Saturday, November 1, 2014

duck egg casserole

These balut eggs are out in their shells and into another shells - the glass bottles

duck egg casserole (dak eg ka-se-ról; Tagalog dish) [n.] shelled balut eggs cooked in casserole.
a.k.a. balut casserole in Tagalog
It is usually as a soupy or saucy dish, such as the balut caldereta, balut afritada, balut a la pobre, adobo, brined, etc.

Balut eggs can also be served in several ways. When peeled of its shell, it can be cooked in tomato sauce to become balut caldereta or balut afritada, in soup like the balut a la pobre, cooked adobo-style, or into paste or spread for bread, as in balut pate.

Bottled duck egg casserole is a perfect way to bring balut as pasalubong for Pinoys and friends abroad.

Bottled duck egg casserole cooked in many ways and in varied flavors are on display in the grocery section of Market-Market Supermarket in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City. It can also be found in other select big supermarkets and groceries in Metro Manila.

Latest innovation in balut is the bottled duck egg casserole in several variants, such as caldereta, afritada, and the least flavored is the one boiled and preserved in brine solution.

These bottled balut eggs are now available in select big supermarket in the Philippines. They are perhaps available in Pinoy or any Asian grocery stores abroad.

Or make one yourself at home.

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