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Also spelled as chicalang in Chavacano (Zamboangueño)

tsikalang (tsi-ka-láng; southern Mindanao snack) [n.] fried rolled purple glutinous rice. 

The purple glutinous rice grains are ground and mixed with some trigo (wheat four) and water moderately enough to make a rice dough. A lump or cut of rice dough is rolled to the size of banana fruit then fried deep in cooking oil. When frying is almost done, it is sprinkled with brown sugar and let the sugar melt to caramelize and coat the fried rice dough.

When done, tsikalang is skewered in bamboo stick like that of a banana-cue (fried saba banana in BBQ stick). A bite of tsikalang is a bit chewy because it is made with glutinous rice.

Tsikalang in Pagadian City is skewered in bamboo stick

In other parts of southern Mindanao, like in Zamboanga City, tsikalang is  shaped like a twisted donut or big pinilipit and not skewered in bamboo stick, but coated with flour and caramelized sugar.

Tsikalang in Zamboanga City is shaped like a twisted donut or big pinilipit with flour coating.

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