Thursday, February 10, 2011

pakwan shake

pakwan shake (pak-wan sheyk) [n.] watermelon shake

This could be made from the juicy pulp of fresh, ripe watermelon fruit or from the artificially flavored powder ingredient. 

The watermelon fruit is sliced and the pulp is scooped out from the fruit's thick skin and put into the blender (if powdered artificial ingredient is used instead of fresh fruit, a scoop of this powder is poured into the blender). 

Chunks of cracked ice or pieces of cubed ice are then added into the blender and then processed till the pulp and ice become very fine in texture. 

Some milk (fresh or powder) is added to give the shake its creamy taste. Moderate amount of refined white sugar is also added to give more sweetness to this cold refreshment. 

The pakwan shake is then poured in tumbler and served with a sipping straw, and sometimes garnished with a miniature paper umbrella, specially when served during summer or hot seasons, at the poolside or at the beach resort.

pakwan shake from a restaurant in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

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